The Withering Lands lay on the Khoradi peninsula, which borders the Sea of Strife in the northeast.

History Edit

The Withering Lands were previously known as Moonhome after the goddess Sehanine whose worship defined its people. Moonhome was undoubtedly the greatest human civilization in the known history of Narandor, spanning the entire Khoradi peninsula as well as the Valley of the Moon nestled inside the Crescent Peaks. Its ideals of personal freedom and a meritocratic society remain revolutionary to this day. In the War of Dragons the nation rose as one to defy Dragon Queen Lakhamu, waging war across the narrow gulf that separated their lands from Lesser Narandor and the Draconic Empire. They paid an unfathomable price for their part in the war when the Dragon Queen herself laid siege to their lands, eventually meeting her end while annihilating the holy city of Haven. The destruction she'd wrought was too much for the once lush land of the valley to bear, and it is now known as the Dragonblight, a desolate wasteland where nothing grows.

The river Alsehan, once the bringer of life, now flows dark with the poisons of the Dragonblight. Every passing year the blight claims more arable land in the north, and crops fed by the corrupted water grow sickly and twisted. The greatest cities of ancient Moonhome are gone: the holy city of Haven inside the Crescent Peaks reduced to rubble by dragonfire, and the southern capital of Tidestar slowly rotten away and overgrown.

The Current Situation Edit

Today, the shores of Alsehan lay all but abandoned. The remaining population, almost entirely human, has moved either east or west away from the river. The people may be descendants of citizens of Moonhome, but the culture and progress their ancestors had built is long gone. The peninsula holds perhaps a fourth of the population it used to, and is of little consequence in the politics of the Sea of Strife.

In the west, the city-state of Erudin has risen to prominence unimagined due to its position on the shores of river Ebsehan, the as of yet uncorrupted tributary to Alsehan. Erudin is ruled with an iron fist by the church of the Raven Queen, the goddess of Death who is widely believed to have claimed the Withering Lands as her own since the War of Dragons. They face competition from several other small nations of varying descriptions over the sparse resources of their failing land.

The eastern coast of the peninsula is dominated by the Khoradi Forest. Even in the days of Moonhome the woodlands remained untamed, and are now more dangerous than ever. Only the foolhardiest of humans seek their livelihood there, while the rest eke out a meager living on the eastern coast, fishing and trading with the enigmatic people of the Eastlands. The highest form of society here are tribes that try to hold on to their lands and waters at all costs.

Races Edit

Predominantly human. A member of any other race than human would be surprising in most places in the Withering Lands, but nothing is impossible.

Classes Edit

Everything is possible, and given the unstable political situation there is room for all kinds here. Of special interest is a circle of druids from many races and homes, come to try and stop the spread of the blight. Barbarians might feel at home here, especially in the east. Feel free to come up with organisations or societies of your own here.