Humans are perhaps the most common sentient species in Narandor, with only the goblinoid races and kobolds possibly matching them in pure numbers. They live in a multitude of different societies and cultures throughout both continents.

The Erathian Empire Edit

A large part of the humans of Narandor live in the Erathian Empire alongside Halflings. The Empire is one of the major powers on Greater Narandor.

The Stormy Coast Edit

Humans of the Stormy Coast are a hardy, seafaring people. They are constantly tested by orc raids from the south, especially on cold winters when the bay freezes over. They worship Kord above all other gods. Fishing is extremely important to them, and they import a fair bit of grain from the Erathian Empire. They also produce large amounts of metal ores, especially lead and silver. The Empire has reached out to them several times, and official negotiations have been undertaken. So far the only result is a formal declaration of friendship and promises of mutual aid against orc raids. The Stormy Coast is ruled directly by its military leaders.

The Withering Lands Edit

Humans form the majority of the population of the Witherings Lands in the east.